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COTA SA 2018 state election platform

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South Australia has begun to embrace the possibilities of our ageing, but there is still much to do to transform our attitudes and capabilities to support modern ageing.

In late 2017, COTA SA surveyed hundreds of older South Australians, providing a clear picture of both what they value and the things getting in the way of their independence and wellbeing.

South Australians aged 50 and over make up more than 50% of the state's eligible voting population, and that proportion will only continue to rise in years to come. Their needs and expectations need to be addressed in the upcoming state election and in policies being developed moving forward.

All measures recommended in our 2018 state election platform directly and indirectly improve the quality of life of older South Australians, by reducing financial stress, making services more accessible and affordable and by allowing them to play an active, meaningful role in our communities that all generations can benefit from.

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