Drama report 2016-2017: production of feature films, TV and online drama in Australia in 2016/17

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The Drama Report covers the production of feature films, TV drama (mini-series, telemovies and series/serials) and online drama programs by financial year.

The report incorporates data gathered through surveys and publicly available sources to give a comprehensive view of drama production activity in Australia. Data is presented for the past five years, 2012/13 to 2016/17.

Foreign titles are included if they are shot (or substantially shot) in Australia, or have post, digital or visual effects (PDV) work carried out in Australia without shooting here.



  • $1.3 billion total Australian expenditure – a record year, driven by the highest level of foreign spend in this country of $610 million and a healthy Australian slate of $667 million.
  • 29 foreign projects $610 million
  1. Record year, driven by highest ever spend of $557 million from 6 features and 3 TV dramas that commenced shooting in Australia
  2. PDV-only spend totalled $53 million from 16 features and 4 TV drama titles, down 17 per cent on 2015/16.
  • 41 Australian features $284 million – 45% increase on last year and above the 5-year average, due to the US studio-financed film, Peter Rabbit and strong domestic and co-production activity during the year.
  • 46 Australian TV drama titles $321 million – with expenditure and the number of titles produced at record levels. The volume of hours was also up on last year, with a resurgence in series production along with a strong mini-series slate.
  • 13 Australian Children’s TV drama titles $48 million – significantly below the five-year average. Hours produced were down slightly on last year, however when combined with hours for children’s programs made for online, show a slight increase. As a result of the 3-year children’s broadcast quotas required of the commercial free-to-air broadcasters, children’s TV drama production tends to be cyclical with the third year in this cycle still to come.
  • Australian online drama contributed $14 million to overall expenditure and is separately measured for the first time in this report.


  • NSW 36% accounted for the greatest share of total expenditure, supported by
  • Australian TV drama production.
  • QLD 33% had the second highest share, boosted by strong foreign shoot expenditure.
  • VIC 25% had the third largest share, with the majority of the spend coming from
  • Australian TV drama titles.
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