Emerging growth opportunities in the New Zealand food and beverage 2017

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This project identifies high potential growth opportunities in New Zealand food and beverage exports.

New Zealand has a clear comparative advantage in food & beverage (and the wider agricultural value chain). Food & beverages exports are $29b and account for 43% of New Zealand’s total exports (goods and services).

New Zealand has a long history in producing and exporting food & beverages. New Zealand firms have a limited number of large export categories, including dairy, beef, lamb, seafood, apples and more recently kiwifruit. Wine has also emerged in the last 20 years to become a billion dollar export. Growth has come from more volume but more importantly more value.

Past research as part of the Food & Beverage Information Project (see Emerging Growth Opportunities 2012) identified a range of growing and emerging export sectors.

Industry and the government recognise that high growth industries typically need new capital and new capabilities to continue to grow and develop.

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