Argentina’s renewal: Capitalising on reform in South America’s second-largest economy

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One of the largest and most developed markets in Latin America, Argentina offers significant and potentially lucrative opportunities for Australian companies with goods, services, investment and/or expertise to offer in a number of areas.

Much of this largely untapped opportunity is becoming easier to access for Australian companies. Argentina is now two years into a wide-ranging economic reform program aimed at modernising its economy and reducing obstacles to foreign trade and investment, making it an easier and more secure place to do business.

With these reforms in mind, this report explores five sectors where Australian strengths can leverage and benefit from demand and opportunity in a reforming Argentina: energy and resources; agriculture; infrastructure; education and training; and the digital economy.

The ECA encourages all Australian companies, large and small, working in these sectors or in a myriad of others not covered in this report to consider the potential the Argentine market can offer. We hope this report goes some way toward informing and encouraging greater Australia-Argentina commercial ties.

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