Australia is well placed to provide critical minerals for the industrial development and technology needs of manufacturing economies. Australia possesses some of the world’s largest recoverable reserves of cobalt, lithium, manganese, tantalum, tungsten and zirconium. Australia is also the world’s second-largest producer of rare-earth elements — including NdPr — and has the world’s sixth-largest resource base. With demand forecast to rise, Australia has a commercial opportunity to build competitive export markets in countries such as the United States (US).

As the Australian Government’s lead agency on international investment promotion, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) will continue to facilitate foreign investment and offtake arrangements in critical minerals to help develop the critical minerals sub-sector in Australia. Austrade actively seeks to attract international investment into critical minerals by leveraging our offshore network, relationships with federal, state and territory government stakeholders and industry to identify opportunities for investment and offtake agreements.

This report provides an overview of end-users of critical minerals in the US. It also seeks to assist commercial offtake and investment agreements between Australian critical minerals producers and US end-users by outlining the principal industrial customers and their activities in the US.

This report also considers recent announcements and agreements that set the parameters for potential cooperation between Australia and the US.

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