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The first chapter of the report outlines the administrative details of the committee's inquiry and work and sets the scene with an overview of manufacturing in Australia, including its role and recent trends, Australia's manufacturing capability from its weaknesses and threats to its strengths and opportunities.

The remainder of the report is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 2 Why manufacturing—manufacturing's contribution to the economy and national security, the importance of baseline and sovereign capability, and resilient supply chains;
  • Chapter 3 Elements of manufacturing—key elements required to enable manufacturing including R&D, commercialisation, skills and training, employment, and taxation and incentives;
  • Chapter 4 Transformation of manufacturing—Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) which focusses on rapid changes to technology, industries and societal patterns as a result of interconnectivity, smart automation, data and artificial intelligence;
  • Chapter 5 Opportunities for government—areas in which government can shape and influence manufacturing through policy and strategy, the promotion of Australian manufacturing, government procurement, harmonisation of standards and regulation, provision of key capabilities and access to energy; and
  • Chapter 6 Committee view—the views of the committee, including recommendations.
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