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The focus of this inquiry was to understand whether there is a need for Australia to diversify its trade markets and foreign investment profile including:

  • To consider if Australia is too reliant on any one market for exports. If so, what factors are contributing to this dominance;
  • The advantages and disadvantages, including in relation to the national interest and national economic risk, to an over reliance on any one market;
  • The impact of global crises including trade disputes and political disputes on Australia’s relationship with countries we are reliant upon for trade and investment purposes;
  • The impact of bilateral trade agreements on Australia’s domestic market and whether they contribute to an over reliance on foreign investment.

Report structure:

  • Chapter 2 examines the level of diversity in Australia’s export markets, and the range of goods and services that it exports.
  • Chapter 3 looks at the opportunities and challenges of diversifying Australia’s export profile, and suggests possible pathways towards diversification.
  • Chapter 4 provides an overview of foreign investment in Australia, the associated advantages, disadvantages and concerns related to this investment, and options for improvement to Australia’s investment mix.
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