Policy report

Editorial review 15: Diversity of broadcast news stories

16 Mar 2018

This review was undertaken by the Editorial Policies team as an exercise to identify and compare the story choices being made by the ABC, the SBS and the free-to-air commercial services in key morning (radio) and evening (television) news bulletins.

The review aims to provide answers to the following questions:

To what extent does the ABC news service conform to or deviate from other services in the daily selection of news stories? Are there certain categories of reportage conspicuously under-represented on the ABC? Are there others that appear to be unduly dominant on ABC news services?

To what extent does the ABC vary or conform in the thrust of individual stories?

What assumptions does the ABC appear to be making about the interests and circumstances of its audiences, and does this differ from the apparent assumptions of other services?

Is there any evidence that the ABC’s editorial approach is inconsistent with its role and purpose as a public broadcast organisation?

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