Select bibliography on Solomon Islands, 2003-2017

15 Aug 2017

Introduction There is an excellent bibliography on early Solomon Islands: Sally Edridge’s Solomon Islands Bibliography to 1980, published in 1984 in Suva, Wellington and Honiara by the Institute of Pacific Studies at The University of the South Pacific, The Alexander Turnbull Library in New Zealand, and The Solomon Islands National Library. Its 476 pages are an amazing resource. Unfortunately, there has never been another which covers the years onwards from 1980.

When I edited the proceedings of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands 10th Anniversary seminar in 2013, Nicholas Coppell, the RAMSI Special Coordinator, agreed to include a bibliography of as many items as could be located on Solomon Islands during the 2003–2013 years. This bibliography was originally published in Clive Moore (ed.), Looking beyond RAMSI: Solomon Islanders’ Perspective on Their Future. Honiara: Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, 2013, 83–102. It was revised in July 2014 and republished online through the University of Queensland.

RAMSI departed from Solomon Islands at the end of June 2017. I was the moderator and rapporteur at the 28 June Symposium, “RAMSI: Understanding Its Legacy and Lessons,” one of the events held to mark the completion of the Pacific Forum’s RAMSI operation in Solomon Islands. Quinton Devlin, the last Special Coordinator, asked me to update the bibliography to add to the RAMSI website. The result was 1,412 references. The bibliography will also be circulated on the Solomon Islands Information Network run by the University of Queensland Solomon Islands Partnership.

The intention has always been to create a resource that showcases the research and major writing on Solomon Islands during these years.

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