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Living on the edge: Northern Territory town camps review

13 Apr 2018

In February 2016, a parliamentary inquiry into housing in Aboriginal Town Camps was established by the Northern Territory Government. The inquiry examined the two housing models currently operated by the Northern Territory government. These models, broadly referred to as the “Public Housing model” and the “Community Housing model”, were at the time of the Inquiry, managed by the Department of Housing and the Department of Local Government and Community Services.

The inquiry found that the various governments over the years had failed to provide an efficient and effective public housing service to Aboriginal people living in Town Camp communities. The committee noted the complexity of delivering services into these living spaces, and made a number of recommendations. The government, recognising the importance of resolving this complex problem, instituted a major review of all 43 Town Camp communities in the Northern Territory. The Review was tasked with examining and reporting back to government in the following areas:

- legislation and governance arrangements;

- leasing and tenure arrangements;

- housing quality, management and ownership;

- municipal and essential infrastructure;

- service delivery arrangements;

- community aspirations; and

- potential economic development opportunities.

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