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Melbourne live music census 2017 report

20 Apr 2018

Music Victoria has released the complete findings from the 2017 Melbourne Live Music Census, to over 300 music industry leaders from across the globe.

The study, which involved more than 2000 respondents, showed that:

  • More music fans in Melbourne listen to community/public radio stations Triple RRR and PBS FM, than any commercial station. This happens in no other major city in the world.
  • In a single week the iconic Tote Hotel presents over 50 bands.
  • Twenty-five years ago, a loaf of bread cost on average $0.28. The average cost is now $2.38. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that, since that time, incomes have grown annually by 4%. Except for musicians! Artists are being paid the same fee for gigs in 2017 that they were paid twenty-five years ago.
  • Musicians cited the main barrier to their music practice is financial viability (47%) with 69% of respondents saying that their music earning does not cover the costs of their music practice.
  • The main problems affecting venues holding live music events are noise restrictions (67%) and property developments (47%).
  • The annual audience for live music in Melbourne (17.5 million) is nearly triple that for all major sports games in Melbourne combined (6.5 million).
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