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Compensation and rehabilitation for veterans: issues paper

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The Productivity Commission has released this issues paper to assist individuals and organisations to prepare submissions to the inquiry.

It contains and outlines:

• the scope of the inquiry

• the Commission’s procedures

• matters about which the Commission is seeking comment and information

• how to make a submission.

Participants should not feel that they are restricted to comment only on matters raised in the issues paper. The Commission wishes to receive information and comment on issues which participants consider relevant to the inquiry’s terms of reference.

A recent report titled The Constant Battle: Suicide by Veterans, by the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee, highlighted concerns with the legislative framework for compensation and rehabilitation for veterans. The Committee found the legislative framework to be complex and difficult to navigate, and noted concerns about inconsistent treatment of claims for compensation, and lengthy delays in the processing of claims (with unwarranted stress for veterans and their families).

A particular concern of the Committee was that the current system, being complex and challenging to navigate, would compromise any efforts by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to make the claims process ‘veteran centric’.

The Committee recommended a review of the veterans’ compensation and rehabilitation system, stating that ‘it is time for a comprehensive rethink of how the current system operates and will operate into the future’ (SFADTRC 2017, p. 68).


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