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The marketing of regional Australia: strategies to increase the numbers of international students studying outside capital cities

Education Australia Queensland
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Australia's international education sector has grown strongly over the last 15 years, but its market position is narrowly focused on certain sectors, disciplines and locations in Australia. There is considerable scope for growth in the secondary school international student market in regional Australia, with flow-on benefits to the region and to the tertiary and vocational sectors. Market positioning of the regional schools sector requires a special approach. As well as ensuring that the basic qualities of academic reputation, course choice, employment prospects, supportive environment and existence of university pathways are established, the sector needs to promote itself as a niche market with specialised, differentiated courses provided in a safe, supportive community environment with a high quality of life, favourable climate and healthy, outdoors lifestyle. Natural and cultural regional attractions should be promoted. The paper describes the innovative and successful Regional International Education Model developed by the Cairns region of Queensland.

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