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Conference paper

Aspirations of residents from culturally diverse backgrounds moving to MPEs in newly emerging suburbs

Planned communities Multiculturalism Social cohesion Communities Housing Melbourne
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New residential land in the outer suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne is predominantly being developed in the form of Masterplanned Estates. These areas are becoming culturally diverse with a significant proportion of recently arrived migrants settling there. This paper investigates the aspirations of the residents of choosing to live there and the influence the concept of a planned social environment has on this decision. It draws on an empirical study looking at home owners from an Indian and Filipino origin having moved to the City of Wyndham recently. The findings show that the decision to live there is driven mainly by the affordability of houses and social networks. The choice of living in a planned social environment has rather a secondary importance. As these places are newly emerging all residents are perceived to be in the same situation cultural differences are regarded to be more accepted. The paper argues that a better apprehension of these planned social environments is needed to foster a cultural recognition that encapsulates culturally diverse aspirations to create a more cohesive local society.

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