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Safe and Strong, Victoria’s Gender Equality Strategy, sets out a framework for enduring and sustained action over time.

We aim to progressively build the attitudinal and behavioural change required to reduce violence against women and deliver gender equality.

The Strategy draws on global evidence of what works in gender equality. The Strategy sets out the founding reforms that lay the groundwork and set a new standard for action by the Victorian Government. These reforms will draw on all levers, including legislative changes, governance structures, employment practices, budget, policy, procurement, funding decisions and advocacy to the Commonwealth Government.

The Strategy also considers six settings for statewide action in which strategic alliances and partnerships will enable shared progress towards gender equality. A series of early actions will drive change in schools, workplaces, community groups, sporting associations and the media.

The framework describes how we will measure and track our progress. We will consistently review our actions, report publicly on our progress and make changes if we aren’t reaching the goals we set out to achieve.

For our vision to be realised, it will take successive generations of Victorians and their governments to maintain focus, funding and effort on gender equality. This document provides the foundation for immediate action and a guide for future effort

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