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This is a quick reference guide to key statistics on violence against women in Australia for use by the media and other commentators including government officials, academics, sector leaders and community advocates. These stakeholders play a significant role in helping to shift the attitudes, norms and behaviours that enable, excuse or minimise the extent and impact of violence against women and children.

Statistics are often at the centre of discussions of violence against women. However, the data reflecting the reality of women’s experiences of violence are complex and can easily be reported inaccurately due to time and other pressures.

This resource is aimed at ensuring that relevant statistics are interpreted with care and is based on the most reliable data available in the field.

It is also important to acknowledge the lives and experiences of the women and children affected by domestic violence and sexual assault, who are represented in this resource. Data tells a particular type of story: one that may seem depersonalised at times. While this resource highlights Australia’s data on violence against women, it is important to recognise the individual stories of courage, hope and resilience that form the backdrop of these statistics.

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