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Sport has always been a key part of Australian life — from our biggest cities to the smallest regional towns. For generations it has helped to shape our sense of identity and enhance our international reputation.

Australia has long enjoyed the social and health benefits of participating in sport, with sporting teams so often the heartbeat of local communities. Travel to any sporting ground in regional or metropolitan Australia and you see the sense of belonging that is created around local sporting clubs.

Today, Australians are watching more sport than ever, and our sports industry has grown to be a key contributor to the nation’s economy.

Australia’s long, proud and successful history on the world stage has played a pivotal role in defining what it means to be an Australian.

Who can forget that magical moment at the 2000 Sydney Olympics when Cathy Freeman — wearing the hooded bodysuit — turned for home in the women’s 400-metres to win a gold medal and a permanent place in our sporting history?

The 2000 Olympics were a demonstration of all that is good in sport — for individuals, communities, the economy and our national spirit. However, much has changed since 2000.

Australia’s ageing and ethnically diverse population has made us a stronger, more inclusive country, and the rapidly growing role of technology has transformed the way we live work and play.

But fewer Australians are playing sport and engaging in physical activity — this is a trend we need to reverse. Australia must have a plan to address the decline in participation levels and to ensure we continue to enjoy success in the years to come.

The performance of our elite athletes plays a significant role in helping to motivate and inspire, however we are achieving fewer medals on the world stage, our competitors have improved significantly and our international rankings in many sports have slipped.

We need a plan so our sports industry can continue to thrive as a global leader and grow as a key contributor to our economy. We need to recognise that other countries have changed the way they focus on high-performance sport and have redefined success.

Informed by a comprehensive consultation process, Sport 2030 is Australia’s first national sport plan — and represents the Australian Government’s long-term commitment to seeing Australian sport thrive.

Sport 2030 is the vision and the plan for sport and physical activity in Australia over the next 12 years to be delivered in partnership with Australia’s sporting, physical activity, technology, education and corporate community.

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