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Young driver safety and graduated licensing

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The Discussion Paper has been prepared by the State Government to encourage Victorians to contribute to improving safety for young drivers.

More young people die from road crashes than any other cause. Whilst making up only 13 per cent of all licensed drivers, 18 to 25 year olds account for some 27 per cent of driver deaths.

The Young Driver Safety Discussion Paper identifies the key risks facing young drivers and presents proposed measures to improve their safety.

Proposed measures to improve safety for young drivers detailed in the Discussion Paper include: 

  • Extending the minimum Learner period from six to 12 months 
  • Requiring learners to complete a minimum of 120 hours supervised driving practice 
  • Introducing a new and more restricted one year P1 licence and encouraging P1 drivers to restrict driving late at night or with multiple passengers 
  • Introducing a three year P2 licence 
  • Requiring young drivers to have a good driving record in order to progress through licensing stages from P1 to P2 to Full Licence 
  • Banning mobile phone use of any kind for all Learner and P1 drivers 
  • Introducing alcohol ignition interlocks for drink driving offenders on a P licence, or aged under 25 years with a BAC of .05 or greater, for a minimum of six months
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