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Climate change - mitigation and adaptation opportunities in the Northern Territory: discussion paper

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The purpose of this discussion paper is to reignite the conversation from the previous Northern Territory climate change policy and to engage with the community to develop a Northern Territory climate change strategy.

The paper focuses on several key areas where input is sought on how the Northern Territory should:

  • manage its greenhouse gas emissions effectively
  • adapt to climate change
  • take opportunities for innovative approaches to mitigation and adaptation.

A number of questions are provided throughout the document for your consideration. Your input will inform policy directions for the Northern Territory in:

  • managing the impacts to the natural environment
  • minimising the impacts to health and wellbeing, and on infrastructure and assets
  • creating policy certainty for industry and community
  • facilitating opportunities for existing industries to adapt
  • supporting opportunities and growth of new industries that can potentially arise from mitigating and adapting to climate change

Your input will help inform the Northern Territory climate change strategy as part of the Northern Territory Economic Development Framework’s three-year work program and regulatory reform agenda.


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