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The cultural and creative industries: a review of the literature

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This report surveys the literature focusing on the history and theory of the cultural and creative industries. It explores both the history of the idea of the cultural industries and how this has changed and developed our current interest in the creative economy. It focuses on the conceptual ideas behind thinking in this area and lays out the reasons behind the shifts in terminology and policy.

It is especially relevant to the broader ambitions for Creative Partnerships for two reasons. Firstly, as research conducted by Burns Owens Partnerships in 2006 showed, Creative Partnerships can in some ways claim to be the largest single investment in artists and the arts sector – in terms of professional development – ever undertaken in the UK (Burns Owens Partnerships, 2006). Working with the cultural and creative sectors is key to Creative Partnerships’ success and ambitions and this report sheds light on some of the assumptions and aspirations behind those ambitions.

Secondly, CP is substantively interested in offering a kind of creative education in tune with some of the speculations about the shift to a creative economy. Again this report shows the historical and theoretical complexities underlying this direction.

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