Youth justice report: consultation with young people in out-of-home care about their experiences with police, courts and detention

Trauma Juvenile offenders Out-of-home care Residential care Youth Youth justice Australia
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Young people with a care experience are overrepresented in the youth justice system. To understand the issues effecting young people in both child protection and youth justice systems CREATE interviewed young people throughout Australia.

While offenders and young people who went missing felt disrespected, anxious and afraid during their time interacting with youth justice, victims felt let down and powerless. Additionally, young people felt unsupported during their time in the justice system and perceived the police and courts to discriminate against young people in out-of-home care.

The report highlights the need for a trauma informed youth justice system, better clarity around how caseworkers and carers are meant to support young people who enter both systems, and reducing the stigma associated with being in out-of-home care.

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