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The Expert Panel makes seven recommendations for the NSW Government to consider. Given the short timeframe in which this report was prepared, more analysis and consultation on some issues is needed if the Government accepts the recommendations. This is particularly the case for the recommendations in Part 6 – New opportunities to strengthen offences and penalties, given the legal complexities.

In proposing a new offence for drug supply causing death, the Panel highlights its strong view that the intent is to target drug supply for profit, rather than the ‘young friends’ scenario.

The Panel wants to reserve the harshest penalties for drug dealers, rather than drug supply between friends. If the Government accepts this recommendation, the Panel wants to ensure this intent is met.

The Panel also has regard to the current regulatory arrangements that seek to ensure safety at music festivals, but notes they are ad hoc and inconsistent. Research and consultation undertaken during the development of this report also demonstrates the varying risk profiles of music festivals across the state. The Panel believes that in the spirit of ensuring a streamlined regulatory approach, a tiered system of regulation should be introduced.

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