National Research Infrastructure Census report: 2015-16, 2016-17

16 Jan 2019

The census has two reference periods: the 2015-16 and the 2016-17 financial years, with respondents requested to fill out a single form containing both reference years.

The census was undertaken across the full range of NRI that was considered during the development of the 2018 Research Infrastructure Investment Plan. Given that projects vary massively in terms of size, purpose, scope and structure, it should be understood that some of the questions may not have been equally relevant to all NRI facilities and contexts, and that NRI facilities cannot always be sensibly compared on all metrics.

With regard to NCRIS projects, of the 26 projects invited to participate, 24 of these completed the survey. One project was ceased in 2017-18 and was not able to provide data in time to support the census as a result of reduced resources. Another NCRIS project, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Australia, did not have any Australian based infrastructure, and so was exempt from completing the census.

A list of all NCRIS projects that were invited to the census, as well as their completion status, is included in Appendix 2.

One NCRIS project, Research Data Services (RDS), completed the survey via a different form for each node as well as the head office (a total of 8 forms). These forms were then merged together to represent a single project for the purpose of this report. On the other hand, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) National Deuteration Facility and ANSTO Nuclear Science Facilities (NSF) completed separate forms and are treated as separate projects for the purpose of this report.

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