Working paper

Citizen journalism, social media & the media in Fiji

Working Paper No. 7

1 Aug 2018

Fiji’s media landscape has been challenged by the consequences of Fiji’s own political struggles. While scholars and policy analysts have pointed out the nuances of these consequences, the latest onslaught to Fiji’s media landscape is irresponsible citizen journalism, specifically the morbid use of social media. Social media in Fiji has grown exponentially due to the increasing interconnectivity and proliferation of affordable data and mobile devices. This has enabled greater access and active online interactions, creating a massive potential for responsible and constructive social media use. However, ease of online access has revealed an almost inhumane and morbid form of social media use. This Brief argues that Fiji’s media landscape, already challenged by Fiji’s political struggles, is facing pressure from irresponsible citizen journalism. This is compounded by the quick pace and real time nature of social media. In discussing this argument, the Brief examines a recent fatality that highlights this pressure and its implications on the media and social media in Fiji.

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