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Canada’s data plan: we need a data strategy that supports our values and encourages innovation

A 'Canada Next: 12 ways to get ahead of disruption' report
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Summary and recommendations:

Companies that harvest data are increasing in power, and Canadians are understandably anxious about it. As our economy becomes more data driven – and as data becomes more valuable – Canadians need a national data strategy that provides a common framework for data security and privacy, that prioritizes transparency and oversight in the processing of data, and that transcends silos and jurisdictional barriers. Such a strategy must embrace an innovative future and, at the same time, protect our society’s most deeply held values.

To develop a national data strategy for Canada, governments must begin by:

  • developing a statement of values for a digital society
  • reforming data-protection and intellectual property laws to meet modern needs
  • setting rigorous data-security standards for big data and Internet of Things technologies
  • ensuring greater transparency and oversight of the algorithms used to process data
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