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Well-managed migration has contributed to Australia’s growth, prosperity and social cohesion. Immigration is central to our story as a nation. From a population of around 7 million people after the Second World War to 25 million people in 2018, immigration has been a core part of our nation building. Australia enjoys high levels of social cohesion and broad public support for its immigration programs. The strong economic contribution of immigration is a result of a managed approach to migration with a focus on skills. Highly-skilled migrants support the labour market, ameliorate the effects of an ageing population, and contribute to tax revenue.

This discussion paper seeks views on the 2019-20 Migration Program to ensure immigration continues to serve the national interest and the interests of all Australians in the coming year. The rate, composition and distribution of immigration has significant impacts. Australia’s immigration programs are continuously reviewed to ensure that settings maximise the benefits migration brings to Australia.

Particular areas of focus to inform the 2019-20 permanent Migration Program are on maximising the benefits of immigration for all Australians.

The Department of Home Affairs invites submissions by 31 January 2019.

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