Seclusion report: accessible information on seclusion in Victorian mental health services

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Seclusion is a ‘restrictive’ practice used in mental health services which involves locking distressed patients into an isolated room.

Key data in the report

  • Victoria is not doing well compared to the rest of Australia.
  • Australia-wide, seclusion has been on a downward trend for 10 years. Victoria was following that trend until four years ago, when Victorian seclusion rates started climbing again.
  • Some hospitals are secluding people at much higher rates than others. People in Barwon are 18 times more likely to be secluded than people in Traralgon. People in Box Hill are 12 times more likely to be secluded than people in Cranbourne. There is no justification for this.
  • Long seclusion times. On average, Victorian hospitals seclude people for 8.3 hours, much higher than the national average of 5.1 hours.
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