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The Repower Australia Plan is what an Energy White Paper looks like when it’s written with the long-term interests of people and the planet in mind. When equity, respect for nature’s limits and long-term prosperity are put before the influence of vested interests.

The Repower Australia Plan is underpinned by ten studies that show 100% renewables is 100% doable. All we need is a plan to make it happen.

This policy blueprint puts us on the path to a 100% renewable electricity sector in Australia by 2030 (or 2035 if we include increased electricity demand from transport). It also flags some of the initial steps needed to transition to renewable energy in other sectors. The urgent need to slow and then reverse dangerous climate change means that this is the least we should do. But even if our nation’s leaders – state and federal – decided to take it slower, the types of policies and the scale of action outlined in the Repower Australia Plan would still be needed to step up our renewable energy ambition and deliver an electricity system that is powered by clean, abundant, reliable and affordable energy that is good for all of us and the planet we call home.

The Repower Australia Plan is not the only possible path we could take to reach our destination. But to build a better future, we first imagine it. The authors hope that the Repower Australia Plan feeds your imagination with ideas on Australia’s bright, sunny, 100% renewable future.

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