Final report of the research project Design-Led Decision Support for Regional Climate Adaptation. It outlines a decision support framework for policy makers to engage multiple perspectives in regional climate adaptation planning, and includes a project manual comprising both the methods used in the project and a how to guide for undertaking charrette-based, design-led decision support for climate adaptation planning.

The aim of this VCCCAR-funded project was to develop future design concepts at the landscape scale, in which regions are resilient to the impacts of climate change and are capable of dealing with unforeseen climate events. It takes a new approach to climate change adaptation at the (sub) regional scale by organising and conducting design-charrettes, a design-led, intensive workshop-based approach to adaptation that addresses the complexity and uncertainty in making decisions for climate change adaptation, and includes multiple disciplines through a co-development (or co-design) approach.


This document has been obtained from the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR) online knowledge hub hosted by the University of Melbourne and has been listed in the Virtual Hub for Climate Change Innovation with the permission of the Climate Change Programs division of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Professor Rod Keenan, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, University of Melbourne. The VCCCAR program funded by the Victorian Government via the then Department of Environment and Primary Industries (later changed to DELWP), ceased activity in June 2014.

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