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Decision taking in times of uncertainty

Towards an efficient strategy to manage risk and uncertainty in climate change adaptation
Climate change mitigation Risk Urban planning risk perception
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This literature review constitutes the conceptual basis for the research project Decision Taking in Times of Uncertainty: Towards an Efficient Strategy to Manage Risk and Uncertainty in Climate Change Adaptation, funded by the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR). The project seeks to improve our understanding of how complex decision-making processes deal with the challenges posed by climate change. It aims to develop guidelines for good governance in climate change adaptation by examining strategic planning processes currently underway in Gippsland; specifically the decision making processes linked to and within the Latrobe Valley Transition Committee.

A key finding of this review is that improved decision-making and planning for climate change adaptation is contingent on recognising the importance of broader public management, planning and social changes. Therefore, this review canvasses several areas of research, including risk communication, risk perception, risk governance and urban and regional planning

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