Entrenched disadvantage in Western Australia: health, economic and social impacts

100 Families WA Bulletin No 1 (May 2019)
Food security Poverty Low-income consumers Material deprivation Food accessibility Income insecurity Perth

100 Families WA is a collaborative research project between eight not-for-profit organisations in the community services sector and the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia. It is aimed at understanding the lived experience of poverty, entrenched disadvantage and social exclusion.

This bulletin provides findings from the first wave of surveys, conducted in 2018 and early 2019. Research involved 400 participants from families living in 115 suburbs of Perth who are receiving support in one kind or another from partner agencies. This bulletin focuses on the health, economic and social impacts of hardship experienced by families in Perth, Western Australia.

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100 Families WA Bulletin No. 1
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