GAP3 Project Update 3: preparation of GAP3-MEASCAP data

Report commissioned by Epworth Healthcare and Australian Urology Associates
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Overview by report author, Michael T. Fahey.

The GAP3 Study is a multi-centre international collaboration of active surveillance registries for prostate cancer (CAP).

In this report, I refer to Professor Mark Frydenberg’s local data as MEASCAP (Monash-Epworth Active Surveillance of CAncer of the Prostate) and the global database combining data from different research centres as the GAP3 data. Thus, “GAP3-MEASCAP” refers to the MEASCAP data organised and formatted for the GAP3 study.

A first important deliverable was to upload our local MEASCAP data to Philips in The Netherlands where it would be combined with data from other participating centers. Before, the MEASCAP data could be uploaded, a number of data management steps were necessary. These steps included the linking of several different local clinical datasets, reformatting to match the global dataset structure, programming to extract, create or modify required data items, creation of meta-data, documentation, data integrity checks, and preliminary descriptive analysis.

In this report, I describe major aspects of the prepraration of local data for GAP3 and provide a visual display of GAP3 database. I also outline how this version of the data might be used locally and how the experience may help to expand the local data for research purposes.

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