Discussion paper

An increase in online gambling challenges New Zealand’s traditional approach to gambling regulation. Unlike domestic gambling operators, offshore online gambling operators do not pay to mitigate the harm their industry causes, nor do they contribute to the community through funding grants.

While many offshore gambling operators are reputable, with gambling harm minimisation practices in place, New Zealand has no say in what those practices are and no ability to enforce compliance on behalf of New Zealanders. There is also an unknown, but significant, number of overseas online gambling providers whose harm minimisation practices are insufficient, which are risky for New Zealanders to use.

It is timely that we assess our current framework given the growth of the online gambling market.

This Discussion Document seeks your feedback on a framework for online gambling in New Zealand.

The government is interested in what you think it should take account of as it develops its official policy on online gambling, as well your reaction to the specific options set out in this document.

Part of the purpose of this consultation is also to test our assumptions and to gain more information and evidence to assist us to develop final policy proposals. The information you provide us can be anything you think supports your position – personal anecdotes, data, or simply an explanation of your perspective and why you care.

The closing date for submissions is Monday 30 September 2019. There are a number of ways to have your say (refer to Appendix D at the end of this document to see the submission form). See page 35 for more information on how to take part, how to opt to keep your submission private, and what happens next.

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