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Privacy and responsible information sharing for the Western Australian public sector: discussion paper

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The WA Government is committed to introducing a whole-of-sector approach to protecting privacy and enabling safe information sharing within the public sector and with authorised third parties. This is aimed at responding to community concerns about privacy and building the trust and social licence necessary to share information responsibly for the benefit of the community.

WA has the opportunity to learn from the legislative models and experiences of other jurisdictions that already have privacy and information sharing arrangements.


  • The WA public sector holds important information across its agencies that could be better used for the benefit of individuals, families and the community. However, members of the public rightfully expect that their privacy will be protected, and that there will be transparency in how their information might be used.
  • The WA Government is proposing to introduce a whole-of-government framework to govern the way the public sector manages the information it holds.
  • The WA Government recognises that privacy is of the utmost importance to Western Australians and acknowledges the need to consult thoroughly to ensure any legislation protects sensitive information while enabling it to be shared in an efficient and safe manner where it is deemed of benefit to individuals and the community.

This discussion paper is aimed at giving you as much background as possible as to the need for changes to the State’s privacy and information sharing policies, as well as the ways we can implement these changes. We look forward to your considered feedback.

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