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Lane-level road network generation techniques for lane-level maps of autonomous vehicles: a survey

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Autonomous driving is experiencing rapid development. A lane-level map is essential for autonomous driving, and a lane-level road network is a fundamental part of a lane-level map. A large amount of research has been performed on lane-level road network generation based on various on-board systems. However, there is a lack of analysis and summaries with regards to previous work.

This paper presents an overview of lane-level road network generation techniques for the lane-level maps of autonomous vehicles with on-board systems, including the representation and generation of lane-level road networks. First, sensors for lane-level road network data collection are discussed. Then, an overview of the lane-level road geometry extraction methods and mathematical modeling of a lane-level road network is presented. The methodologies, advantages, limitations, and summaries of the two parts are analyzed individually. Next, the classic logic formats of a lane-level road network are discussed. Finally, the survey summarizes the results of the review.

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