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Research data rights management guide

A practical guide for people and organisations working with data about rights information and licences, and to raise awareness of the implications of not having licences on data.
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This guide helps researchers and data managers choose an appropriate licence for research data via the data rightsholder’s/creators flowchart. It walks them through what to consider when using data not owned or created by the researcher, and how to ensure appropriate licences on data that is supplied through a facility. The guide also looks at a number of key issues such as: is there copyright or other IP in data? Does copyright in data really matter? What about restricted data?

This guide is primarily directed toward members of the research sector, particularly data rights-holders users and suppliers. Some general reference is made to characteristics and management of government data, acknowledging that this kind of data can be input to the research process. Government readers should consult their agency’s data management policies, in addition to reading this guide.


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