Assessment of current process for targeting of schools funding to disadvantaged students

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One of four reports commissioned by the Review of Funding for Schooling, this research examines the funding programs for dealing with disadvantaged (language, location, disability, economic) students.

This project set out to map the definition of educational need and disadvantage used in Australia by government and non-government schools and systems for funding purposes. This mapping needed to include definitions related to English language proficiency, Indigeneity, location, disability and special needs, and low socio-economic status. It was also necessary to map the programs which seek to address disadvantage and how funding is allocated under them.
As well as this mapping exercise, the study also aimed to provide a high-level evaluation of the effectiveness of these programs as well as outline a range of feasible,alternative arrangements.
The review involved a combination of three data collection methods, undertaken in parallel. These were a questionnaire, face-to-face interviews and a literature search and review.
Authors:  Adam Rorris, Paul Weldon, Adrian Beavis, Phillip McKenzie, Meredith Bramich, Alana Deery

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