Adam Rorris

Briefing paper

NSW Public schools to 2031: impact of enrolment growth on demand for teachers

This briefing paper, commissioned by the NSW Teachers Federation, examines the impact of enrolment growth on the future demand for teachers in the NSW public school system.

Australian schooling - the price of failure and reward for success

This report was commissioned by the Australian Education Union to examine the economic case in favour of the full implementation of the school funding reforms outlined by the Review of School Funding (Gonski Review).

Assessment of current process for targeting of schools funding to disadvantaged students

One of four reports commissioned by the Review of Funding for Schooling, this research examines the funding programs for dealing with disadvantaged (language, location, disability, economic) students. This project set out to map the definition of educational need and disadvantage used in Australia by government...

Towards a renaissance in Australian schooling

The federal government announcement to inject nearly $15 billion into the rebuilding of Australian schools is much more than a major renovation job, writes Adam Rorris.