NSW Teachers Federation


Understanding work in schools

While most people expect to work a 38-hour full-time week, our public school teachers are working far more. In fact, teachers are working an average of 54 hours per week (43 hours at school and 11 hours at home), due to the increasing administrative demands...

Towards a new NAPLAN: Testing to the teaching

This report reveals Australia’s NAPLAN testing regime is failing the nation’s students and is quite possibly contributing to declining performance standards across the nation.

The commercialisation in public schooling - an Australian study: final report summary

This report reveals teachers are concerned about the influence commercialisation is having in schools.

Are schools really safe places in Australia?

This report looks at international experience with schools-based LGBTI anti-bias programs and makes some practical recommendations for the direction of further research so that effective programs can be agreed upon and implemented in schoolsacross Australia.

Making federalism work for schools: due process, transparency, informed consent

"The Australian education system, taken as a whole, is evolving into something but we don’t know what." This quote from Max Angus expresses the widely held disquiet that the forces driving education policies and priorities within Australia’s federal system are poorly understood and have taken...