Saving for one’s care

Understanding how health savings accounts can help fund the health of Australians
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This review is an important first step in considering how an alternative (and complementary) funding model might work for dental and allied health services. The Health Savings Accounts (HSA) model developed for this review is one where consumers are rewarded for proactively managing their dental and allied health care, and there is a mechanism for targeting low income earners that have poor access to dental and allied healthcare to receive government assistance that is specific to their individual health needs.

The key principles and objectives of an HSA model include:

  • to provide incentives for low income earners not currently accessing general treatment cover to save for their own dental and allied health care
  • to reduce (at least in part) the financial barrier to accessing care by developing a flexible and individual financial safety net and capacity for people to pay for their own dental and allied health care costs, and in doing so, and
  • to help to deliver short and long-run benefits through better health outcomes.


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