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Knock, knock... who's there? The Lobbying Code of Conduct

Regulation of lobbying Lobbying Australia

The committee received evidence from a variety of organisations and individuals that generally welcomed the Lobbying Code of Conduct. The majority of evidence received included comments of support, which viewed the Code as a significant step towards increasing the level of transparency surrounding lobbying activities. Concerns were expressed, however, in relation to:

• whether the coverage of lobbyists is adequate;
• procedural fairness;
• regulatory burdens;
• whether the coverage of parliamentarians is adequate; and
• post-employment prohibitions.

The committee acknowledges that some aspects of the Code are not wholly supported by some stakeholders. However, the committee notes the widespread underlying support expressed for a code of conduct, that implementation of the Code is in a relatively early stage, and that it may be some time before it becomes clear if its objectives are realised. This being the case, the committee proposes to review the operation of the Code toward the end of 2009, having specific regard to all matters considered in this report and any others that arise in the interim period.

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