This report synthesizes key findings and recommendations from the first phase of the RD4C initiative. RD4C is a joint endeavor between UNICEF and The GovLab at New York University. This document aims to provide actionable insights from research conducted in the interest of supporting UNICEF and all rights-based organizations working with children's data in the advancement of responsible data practices for and about children.

This report first provides an introduction to RD4C, followed by findings from an extensive literature review. It then presents examples of UNICEF’s engagements around data for children in diferent programming environments, synthesizes findings on the current state and future opportunities for responsible data management in service delivery for children, and finally introduces RD4C Principles and Practices.

While this report and the research that it summarizes focused heavily on UNICEF and its direct counterparts, The GovLab and UNICEF are sharing it as a public good for others facing similar challenges and as a way of initiating a broader conversation and collaboration around these key issues.

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