This report puts actions to the recommendations from the 2018 Climate Crisis Defence Assessment. The plan highlights Defence’s current efforts and commitments relating to climate change and how they will grow best practice and raise their ambition over time. It identifies the steps that Defence will take to ensure they are more prepared for the challenges climate change will bring over the next decade.

Key recommendations for the NZ Defence in relation to the Pacific

  1. Defence should conduct planning for increasingly concurrent operational requirements in the South Pacific due to the impacts of climate change.
  2. Defence should consider how it could increase its work alongside other New Zealand and international agencies to support the efforts of South Pacific partners to adapt and build resilience against the impacts of climate change.
  3. Defence should work towards gaining a better understanding of South Pacific counterparts’ concerns around climate change and how it is playing out now and into the future both in their security sectors and in their broader societies.
  4. Defence should seek to elevate international discussion on the security impacts of climate change, including with foreign partners in bilateral defence talks and regional forums to learn from others, to highlight the impacts on the South Pacific, and to emphasise the importance of improving resilience in the region.
  5. Defence should explore opportunities to support scientific research on climate change and security (or conflict) in the South Pacific and on how climate change will change the way the Defence Force should operate in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.





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