Integrating the Provider Information Request into the higher education data collection: consultation summary paper

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On 29 July 2019, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (‘TEQSA’) released the Integrating the Provider Information Request into the Higher Education Data Collection consultation paper, that sought to request feedback from the higher education sector concerning the minimising and streamlining of reporting requirements, and improving the transparency and efficiency of data collected. The consultations were in preparation for the implementation of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (‘DESE’) data redevelopment project, Transforming the Collection of Student Information (‘TCSI’), that aims to align TEQSA and DESE data collections to create a single, unified reporting system for universities, higher education and vocational institutions.

The sector responded enthusiastically to the paper, with six (6) submissions received and a robust presence on social media during the submission period, which concluded on 20 September 2019. TEQSA, in conjunction with our colleagues at the DESE, considered these submissions alongside additional feedback stemming from workshops in Melbourne (12 November 2019) and Sydney (15 November 2019) that were ran in conjunction with the DESE and Services Australia (previously Department of Human Services, ‘SA’). TEQSA has attempted to integrate the suggestions and concerns generated during the consultation into its final data framework.

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