The Sustainable Development Goals - ‘Every Australian’s business’: a guide for employees

Sustainable development Australia

Regardless of the business or organisation you work for, its size or its industry, this guide provides practical knowledge, tools and skills for employees of all Australian businesses to better understand how the work you do links to the SDGs and the critical role you play in driving responsible action in the communities where you live and work.

This guide brings together insights and experience from many individuals working in Australian companies that are leading in their commitments and actions to drive responsible and sustainable action and accountability within their workplaces.

This guide will provide you with:

  • better understanding of the SDGs and how they help to frame discussions about the major social and environmental issues affecting our communities and give businesses and their employees a globally recognised and endorsed set of goals to better frame what they are doing to act responsibly at work, at home and in the broader community.
  • practical tools and examples to support you to have agency and voice the issues you are passionate about and be part of influencing and shaping how your workplace and your local community act responsibly and actively take part in contributing to achieving the SDGs.
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