When the last reporter turns off the lights in the Australian Associated Press newsroom sometime in June this year, eighty-five years of service to the news media in this country will come to an end. The closure of AAP might not be a shock to many inside the organisation, but it will only reinforce some of the least desirable trends in the news industry over the past two decades.

As an unseen source of content for the Australian media, AAP has provided the Australian public with a significant portion of its news since the agency was created in 1935. Although it is little-known among many readers and viewers — it doesn’t have the profile of our prominent mastheads and broadcasters — the agency is highly valued by people working in the industry.

Indeed, any journalist working on daily news will tell you that copy “off the wire” — usually from AAP — is generally seen as trustworthy, having already been through selection and editorial processes.

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