Inquiry into the command, management and functions of the senior structure Of Victoria Police

1 Mar 2012

This report identifies a number of negative aspects of police culture - insularity, a resistance to change, and a disinclination to accept external review - among other findings.

On 9 May 2011, the Premier announced a special inquiry into the command, management and functions of the senior structure of Victoria Police.

On 23 May 2011, the Premier wrote to the Chairperson of the State Services Authority directing, in accordance with section 52 of the Public Administration Act 2004, that the Authority conduct such an Inquiry.

The Terms of Reference were attached to the letter and read as follows:

"To inquire into the following matters relating to the structure, operations and administration of the senior command of Victoria Police:

  1. The effectiveness and functions of the senior structure of Victoria Police command.
  2. The extent to which the senior command structure of Victoria Police provide the future capabilities to deliver best practice policing.
  3. The extent to which Victoria Police has the command management structures to deliver major IT and administrative functions."

The Premier directed that a report, findings and recommendations of the Inquiry be made within six months of the direction (by 23 November 2011).

On 24 May 2011, the Governor In Council appointed Mr John (Jack) Rush QC, a Commissioner of the Authority from 25 May 2011 until 24 November 2011 to conduct the Inquiry.

The report of the Inquiry was tabled in Parliament on 1 March 2012.

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