Energy [r]evolution: a sustainable Australia energy outlook

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A blueprint demonstrating how Australia can transform the way it produces and uses energy that will result in massive cuts to CO2 emissions.

The report illustrates that by adopting renewable energy and accelerating energy efficiency measures, we can phase out dirty fossil fuels such as coal. The report uses modelling by Greenpeace and Dr Hugh Saddler from Canberra-based Energy Strategies to set out a future scenario for clean energy in Australia.

Coal-fired electricity is the single biggest source of greenhouse pollution in Australia. By continuing to burn fossil fuels, we’re not only choking the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, but we’re leaving ourselves vulnerable to increasing costs of fossil fuel energy.

The report shows how we can completely phase out coal-fired electricity in Australia by 2030 by harnessing the country’s renewable energy resources – which are enough to power half of Asia.

The blueprint gives details on how this can be achieved, including:
* how different renewable energy solutions can work together in city and suburban settings;
* timeframes for introducing renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels; and
* expected job growth in a renewable energy market.

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