National Energy Emissions Audit – electricity update August 2017

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Key points:

NEM electricity generation emissions down slightly

Total emissions from electricity generation in the NEM fell quite sharply in the year to June 2017, compared with the year ending just one month earlier.

Brown coal generation continuing down, with Queensland black coal generators the main beneficiaries

Supply trends reported in the July issue continued, with coal generation in Queensland and NSW both up, together with net exports from Queensland to NSW and from NSW to Victoria.

Wind generation rebounds to a record level in July

In contrast to June, July was a very strong month for wind generation, with the highest ever monthly total generation1.36 TWh, recorded. Particularly high levels of generation were achieved in SA, where the month average capacity factor was 49% and generation was equal to 47.5% of all grid electricity generated in the state.

Total NEM demand down and WA demand also down

Total demand for electricity In the NEM in the year to July 2017 was virtually the same as in the year to June, but continued to decrease in WA.

Network costs continue as the largest component of retail prices

Until this year, the large increases in retail electricity prices were mainly caused by higher network costs, particularly in NSW and Queensland. A look back over network business expenditure and revenue over the past ten years shows that electricity consumers are continuing to pay for past policy failures in the regulation of monopoly network businesses.

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