Obsolescence of frontline ICT: police and schools

Schools Information technology Australia Victoria

The objective of this audit was to assess whether the obsolescence of frontline ICT equipment and software is managed effectively and efficiently throughout the technology life cycle.

Frontline information and communications technology (ICT) includes the hardware, software, and supporting network infrastructure that helps public sector agencies achieve organisational objectives and deliver services. Today, the public sector would be unable to function effectively without ICT. Due to the very high tempo of innovation and subsequent refresh rate of technology assets, when compared to other types of assets, frontline ICT assets can quickly become obsolete if they are not carefully managed on a life cycle basis. Inadequate management of the inevitable obsolescence of frontline ICT assets could, at best, lead to poor or degraded service delivery by public sector agencies.
At worst, it could lead to widespread equipment failure and extended outages of critical public services. Industry research shows that many public and private sector organisations do not accurately identify the costs or risks related to ICT life cycles. This may lead to the unexpected obsolescence of frontline ICT equipment, which may then become no longer ‘fit for purpose’ to meet service delivery requirements or community expectations.

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